Dare to Dream is an invitation to be forever part of the Eagle Hill experience. We dare to dream of a dynamic campus, where students embrace who they are to enhance who they become. We dare to dream of providing access to a world previously unattainable to deserving students. We dare to dream of a faculty empowered to inspire and innovate. We dare to dream of the enduring legacy of Eagle Hill. We dare to dream, and we invite you to dream with us.
This comprehensive campaign will accomplish three critical things. First, the recently completed construction of our new STEM Center that has become our signature academic space, and the reinvigoration of our existing academic buildings. This has completely modernized our academic campus. Second, we will expand access and opportunity to families of financial need, ensuring that financial aid is there to provide the right students a life-changing education regardless of their economic circumstance. Lastly, endowed funds will serve to preserve and protect the unique model of Eagle Hill, galvanizing our ability to have small classes, expert faculty and residence life staff, and an innovative curriculum.

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Making a bequest to Eagle Hill School was an easy decision for us.
Four years ago when our daughter began attending Eagle Hill School we could not have imagined the positive impact it has made on her life. Not only has she made huge strides academically but, maybe, more importantly, she has matured and developed into a confident and happy young woman. All thanks to the incredible dedicated faculty, administration, and staff. 

Why did we decide to leave a bequest?
Because the change we have seen in our daughter is priceless. Eagle Hill is a special place and has had an incredible impact on our lives. By helping ensure the financial stability of the school for years to come we give other children (and their parents) the same opportunity we were fortunate to have had. If our gift changes just one life the way it has changed our daughters- what a wonderful legacy for us to leave. -David Hoyt

Headmaster Announces Historic $50M Campaign

Fifty years ago, James Cavanaugh, Peter Figgie, and Charles Drake stood very near to where my office is today, looked at a hillside with nothing more than a colonial home, a barn, and an orchard, and saw the opportunity to build something remarkable. They saw a place where human diversity would be a cause for celebration rather than a path to certain failure, where students would compete against their own past performance instead of some arbitrary standard, and where teachers would be given the tools for true innovation. Standing on this spot fifty years ago, they could see the dream of Eagle Hill emerging, and in that moment they became the founders of this great school. (READ MORE)
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Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill School is the premier college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 8-12 with diverse learning profiles, such as ADHD and Dyslexia.