In true Eagle Hill fashion, our current families answered the call for March Madness and emphatically stated their support of our faculty. We are grateful, proud, and humbled by the support of the community! Our philosophy states that we believe everyone is an educator. As evidenced by the outpouring of generosity, there are hundreds of families inextricably linked to our faculty and students’ success!
Fast Facts about AGF and March Madness (As of March 31, 2019):
Total parent participation percentage: 75%
Percentage increase in March Madness: 28%
Total given by class:
               2019: $129,060 with 41 gifts
               2020: $65,806 with 37 gifts
               2021: $83,850 with 34 gifts
               2022/23: $77,411 with 41 gifts
Board of Trustees giving: 100%
Parent Advisory Board giving – 100%
Total number of Gift Club Members:
Headmaster’s Circle – Gold Leader: 6
Headmaster’s Circle – Silver Leader: 2
Headmaster’s Circle – Bronze Leader: 11
Oak Society: 1
Founder’s Circle: 24
Benefactor’s Society: 24
Hardwick Society: 59
Green and White Club: 48
Friendship Club: 181

Let's get started!

March Madness! Eagle Hill is kicking off a month-long tournament of giving in support of our faculty! Please join us in the spirit of friendly competition as we build support for our Annual Giving Fund, a crucial part of our ability to have the very best educators at Eagle Hill.

Rules of the Game:
  1. There are two ways to win: participation and dollars raised.
  2. Timeline: The tournament will run from March 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019.
  3. Our school goal is to reach 75% parent participation for every class.
  4. All parents who have already given for the fiscal year are counted with their respective class. These donations determine a class’ starting participation percentage as noted in the graph to the right.
  5. No one donor or group of donors can donate on behalf of an entire class.
  6. If you pledge within the tournament timeline, it counts toward participation. Payments may be made any time between now and June 30, 2019.
  7. The classes with the highest participation percentage will be posted on
  8. Special recognition for:
    • Class with the highest total of donations
    • Class with the greatest number of gifts
    • Class with the greatest number of new gifts
    • Biggest percentage increase
  9. To make your donation or pledge online click here.
  • First Place - The winning grade level will get a pizza party and a dress down day.
  • Second place - The runners-up will receive a dress down day. 
  • One donor who gives during the game's time frame will be randomly chosen for a special prize to be awarded to their child.
Stay tuned for updates! Standings will be updated and announcements made weekly.

*As a reminder, gifts to the Annual Giving Fund are tax deductible. Please consult with your tax professional to determine applicability to your individual tax scenario.*
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