Summer STEM Program

Spend time with like-minded student engineers, designers, and deep thinkers posing and tackling a real-world problem in the state-of-the-art labs, studios, and maker spaces at Eagle Hill School. 

High school age thinkers will come together to use their unique talents to identify and address a significant need that they see in the world. 

This 12-day program begins with problem-posing sessions led by nationally recognized author and innovator Dr. Tony McCaffrey, using his Brain Swarming techniques as a way for the group to begin to come together around a common research interest.

Working with expert rhetorician and studio director Dr. Matthew Kim and maker-extraordinaire Jim Haupt, a team of twelve student innovators will imagine solutions to their chosen problem, engage in an iterative process of design thinking, and ultimately build a prototype of their solution. 

Student innovators will collaborate on design challenges using a Do-It-With-Others (DIWO) approach that encourages creative confidence and a growth mindset. 

They will learn alongside mentors whose areas of expertise include computer science/coding, writing in the humanities, design thinking, and maker culture. 

Problems to address could include increasing mobility and making prosthetics for pets, developing better building practices for extreme weather, or constructing a building without nails.

Goals of Summer STEM
  • Developing skills in collaboration, teamwork, and cooperative learning
  • Engaging in hands-on, minds-on STEM activities
  • Working with cutting-edge 3D printers and 3D Design software
  • Increasing communication skills – verbal and written
  • Learning to generate ideas using the group method BrainSwarming
  • Creating a solution to a real-world human or global problem
  • Thinking through the marketing and legal aspects of an invention
  • Inspiring careers in STEM
Barbara Corcoran
Shark on ABC’s “Shark Tank"

ABC's Shark Tank shark, Barbara Corcoran, will be on hand to judge the final STEM projects Shark Tank-style, in a rousing presentation of innovation and fun!


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