New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

A Summer Experience for Fall Success 

The New Student Summer Orientation Program is a five-week summer experience designed intentionally and specifically for students starting their first year at EHS in September.

New Student Orientation Program students enroll in five courses offered through EHS’s traditional summer program and two courses for academic credit—Seminar on Learning and Adventure Ropes—that are for orientation program participants only. Additionally, there is a program of social activities designed exclusively for Orientation participants, culminating in a summer-ending white water rafting trip.

The benefit of this program for new students is immeasurable, and students who have taken advantage of an Eagle Hill summer prior to beginning in the fall tell us time and again what a confidence-boosting and affirming experience it was for them. Students make friends and get to know the faculty and campus well, allowing for a seamless fall transition.

Divided into eight periods, the daily schedule combines four core academic classes with four electives. Core classes concentrate on the subjects of reading, writing, and math, with an emphasis placed on the greatest area of need for each individual student. Students can also take advantage of pragmatics classes, such as Building Relationships, which serve to strengthen social skills and peer relationships.

Eagle Hill places a premium on providing individual attention, and our 5:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures that attention is focused and productivity is maximized. Our Eagle Hill teachers understand the needs of their students and employ the most effective methods possible to ensure success both in and out of the classroom.

Elective courses allow students the opportunity to explore the arts, world languages, topics in science, and a wide range of other areas. Swimming is also a daily activity. 

may include:

Graphic Arts
Outdoor Adventure
Jewelry Making
Current Events
Basic Acting
Digital Art
Historical Fiction
Model Rocketry
Office Applications
Science of Flight
Organization &Ti me Management
Creative Writing and Poetry
Study Skills
Fly Fishing
Babysitting 101
Mountain Biking