Leader in Training

Ropes Course

Become a Leader

The Leader in Training program is a leadership program for Eagle Hill students who want to continue to develop and practice life long leadership skills. The program blends workshops, supervised opportunities to assist the younger summer students, special off-campus trips, and service learning with classroom and camp activities.  Leaders in Training (LITs) will also earn credits that meet enrichment requirements for the EHS academic year.

Workshops and training sessions will include topics such as:

  • Ropes course
  • Working with students
  • Lifesaving skills
  • Community service
  • Opportunities to practice these skills in a supportive setting 

LITs will also participate in weekly service learning projects. LITs are a distinct group of students. They are summer students with a specific curriculum and set of responsibilities, but they are not interns or faculty; they are in training to become better leaders and to perhaps take on greater responsibility in summers to come. 


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