The EHS Pre and Mid-IB Program* is taught by expert teachers with an eye toward honing the skills that will make for successful IB candidates. Seven courses emphasizing communication and analysis as well as invaluable foundational knowledge make up the bulk of the curriculum which is rounded out with a supervised study hall period during which students complete assignments and engage in their own research.

Afternoons are reserved for challenging and exciting extra-curricular offerings including organized physical activities, engagement in service in the local community, and opportunities to hone creativity.

Come join us for a memorable summer of camaraderie, academic preparation, and personal growth!

1. Math
  • Review of level-appropriate material
  • Writing a mathematical paper (practice IAs)
  • Excel
2. Thinking, Reasoning, and Developing a Point of View
  • Thinking critically about your own opinions
  • Evaluating your social and cultural environment
  • Understanding the nature of knowledge
  • Discussing knowledge questions with classmates who may hold very different views – but always with tolerance and understanding!
3. Speak Up - Whether giving a presentation to class, or speaking in other public situations this is a practical course that will help students with their public speaking skills. We will explore:
  • The dos and don’ts of presenting and public speaking
  • Ways to engage your audience
  • Tips and tricks to feel and look more confident
4. College Prep – this is a course designed to help students explore and better understand their post-secondary options, and the college application process. We will explore:
  • Post-secondary options
  • What does it mean to look for a good “fit”
  • How to get the most out of your college search and information gathering
  • The application process, and how to put your best foot forward
5. Convince Me: The Art of Persuasive Writing:
  • How to use your writing skills to convince people of your point of view,
  • How to present an argument, or sell an idea.
  • This form of writing is widely used in journalism, advertising, pitching, speech writing, project proposals, and presentations.
6. Media Literacy
  • Researching effectively
  • Evaluating sources
7. Biology Review

8. Supervised Study-hall

*This course does NOT replace the required College Orientation Class for EHS non-IB students

If you have any questions, you can reach an admission officer by telephone at 413-477-6000 or by email at
Program Dates:
JUNE 29 - JULY 30, 2021
P.O. Box 116
242 Old Petersham Road
Hardwick, MA 01037
Phone: 413.477.6000
Fax: 413.477.6837

Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill School is the premier college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 8-12 with diverse learning profiles, such as ADHD and Dyslexia.