Dr. Sabrina Perez

Dr. Perez views home as not a place but a feeling. It is the feeling of comfort the envelops you because you can be authentic and vulnerable without fear of judgement. When you feel home, you feel safe.  


Dean of Equity, Inclusion, and Leadership

Sabrina Perez comes to Eagle Hill with sixteen years in public education. She was a teacher and counselor in Austin, Texas as well as in Los Angeles, California. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after teaching a few years, she completed her master’s degree in counseling and guidance. She was a counselor for the past twelve years in both middle and high schools.

Dr. Perez arrived at Eagle Hill to be the first Dean of Equity, Inclusion, and Leadership. She is very passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion work as she just completed her Ph.D. in School Improvement with a focus on social justice and cultural competency.

You will see Dr. Perez around campus with her amazing boxer, Tilly. When she is not at work, Dr. Perez is spending her time getting to know all about the small-town New England life.

Dr. Sabrina Perez

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