Mr. Morgan Hall

“An effective institution is so much more than buildings, hardware, and shiny objects. It is the community, the interactions between individuals, and when it really is effective—it is family.”

Director of Weekend Services

Morgan Hall came to Eagle Hill in 2020 after working in athletics at the University of Connecticut. He arrived as a dorm counselor and has also assumed the role of director of weekend services. Mr. Hall is excited to collaborate with faculty and students alike to create exciting and enriching opportunities for students outside of the classroom, knowing that these experiences can enrich the classroom work and a student’s time at Eagle Hill.

Mr. Hall grew up in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and received his BA from Bowdoin College. While serving in the military, he received an MS in management from the Naval Postgraduate School. After his military service, Mr. Hall taught math and science at the Fenn School, then transitioned to work for seven years with the men’s ice hockey program at the University of Connecticut. 

Mr. Hall resides on campus in Dana Hall and has three adult children—Brynna, Kyler, and Boyd.

Morgan Hall