Mrs. Diane Riley

“I’ve lived and worked in many countries which has been extremely exciting; depending on the love and generosity of people I’ve encountered, welcoming me into their “home” and allowing me and my family has allowed us to call that place home for a while. Creating a safe space to take risks, learn something new and to be celebrated is the “blueprint” of every exceptional boarding school and from my first encounter with Eagle Hill students and staff I felt this would become my new home from home. I am excited to “hang my hat” here!”

Director of Weekend Services

After training as a Home Economics teacher in England, Di worked in schools around the world and most recently as Founding Vice Principal with responsibility for Boarding and Pastoral Care at an IB World School in Moscow.

Di is never more at home than immersed in the boarding life of a school, she might not remember your name instantly but will certainly remember something about you even after a first meeting which will begin another conversation! Di was a competitive swimmer and still teaches swimming to this day, but she also loves cooking; there was never any doubt she would become a teacher and has often been heard to say, “I’ve never regretted my career choice a single day!”

Di is a Boarding Schools Association Accredited Consultant and Level Four Practitioner as well as Member Director for North America. She is a passionate advocate of safeguarding and most recently was awarded the inaugural SCAPA International Safeguarding Award. She is a proud Fellow of The Institute of Boarding. For many years she served as an Independent Schools Inspectorate Boarding Team Inspector before relocating back to the USA. Di continues to train, coach and mentor colleagues across the globe in all things boarding.

Mrs. Diane Riley

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