Clubs and Activities

Kids in Dorm

The spirit of involvement at Eagle Hill School is most evident in our after-school clubs and activities offered throughout the year. In addition to the wide variety of opportunities to pursue personal interests through clubs, theater, music, athletics, community service, and special projects, the school calendar is full of concerts, themed dinners, lectures, and movies.


Clubs play an important role in our students’ lives outside of the classroom, allowing them to dive into a passion of their choosing. Below is a list of all clubs currently active within our community. Each year, if a student has an idea for a passion of theirs, it is very common for them to recruit a faculty representative and begin their own club! These clubs are completely collaborated upon by students and faculty members.

Clubs may include:

All Colors Embraced Affinity Group

Art and Drawing Club

Basketball Pickup

Beachbody Workout

Book Club

Chess Club

Competitive Gaming Club

Craftmaking Club

Creative Writing

Crochet Club

Dance Party Club

Dog Walking

Film Club

Fishing Club

Gay-Straight Student Alliance

Girls Leadership

Jam Band

Knitting Club

Lego Club


Mountain Biking

Othello Club

Outdoor/Hiking Club

Photo/Yearbook Club

Pioneer Robotics

Role Playing Games (RPG) Club

Runners Club

Second Chance Animal Shelter


Sign Language

Skate Park

Ski/Snowboard Club

Spanish Club

Student Council

Table and Board Games

Tree Huggers Club

Sketch Comedy Club

Volleyball Club

Walking Club

Wildwood Farms visits


And many more!

Activity Spotlight: Floor Hockey Tournament

Since the early-1990s more than one thousand students and seventy-five staff members have signed a roster, tied up their sneakers, and grabbed a hockey stick to play in the Eagle Hill Floor Hockey Tournament. For this one week each year, everyone is a hockey player. That has always been the appeal of it. It is a time when you can come face-to-face with your favorite faculty member and smirk as you maneuver around them. Based on the jerseys hanging on walls and the trophies sitting on bookshelves, the floor hockey tournament is a treasured part of the Eagle Hill thread that ties us all together.

Floor Hockey
Orie Cookie on forehead


There is no shortage of activities on the Eagle Hill campus. Each week we are excited to offer at least one new activity. By partnering with our students to generate ideas and a list of interests, we are able appeal to various audiences. In addition to dorm floor activities, campus activities focus on community building and developing interpersonal awareness. Whether it is making a sundae with your friends, going on a glow-in-the dark scavenger hunt, playing in the floor hockey tournament, or building a replica of a campus building out of gingerbread—there truly is something for everyone.

Activities may include:

Back-to-School Bash

Blood Drive

Bubble Soccer

Decision Day

Faculty Appreciation Car Wash

Fenway Day

Floor Hockey Tournament

Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball

Halloween Haunted House

Kahoots Trivia Night

Karaoke Night

Make Your Own Slime Night

Open Mic Night

Parade of Dorms


Prom Night

Spirit Week

Spooky Movie Night

Video Game Tournament

Visiting Therapy Dogs

Winter Carnival

And many more!