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Student life


Home is a seemingly simple word that in actuality does not need a whole sentence around it to convey its message. It can mean something a little different to everyone, while at the same time, its meaning is universally understood.

In 2004, Assistant Head of School for Student Life Kristyl Kelly found herself interviewing for a job at Eagle Hill—what she found was a home. The feeling of home is what the Student Life Department works to provide for our students at Eagle Hill.

“When you walk into your front door, you feel safe. You put down all that you have carried in, grab your favorite snack, and exhale. You are where you belong. It’s a place you can always return to. It does not matter why you left or how long you have been gone.” 

Mrs. Kelly

The Student Life Department believes Home is where you find your people. It is where you celebrate your successes, where you prepare to challenge your comfort zones, and where it is okay to make a mistake and learn from it. Home is where you reflect, learn, and make a new plan. You set goals and you learn how to achieve them. You will find the student life administrative offices in the WHIKS Student Union because home is where you can sit down with friends and mentors, talk about your day, and sit and be present with one another.

Opportunity Awaits

Every student deserves the opportunity to experience all that the academic journey has to offer. The Student Life Department intentionally creates a comfortable environment that both reinforces the lessons taught during the class day and encourages our students to explore their extracurricular and personal interests.

Eagle Hill School fosters a spirit of community and encourages involvement and engagement both in and out of the classroom. Students develop and nurture life skills necessary for college and beyond through participation in the student life program that is much more than the dormitories on campus.


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Student Life Team

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Mrs. Kristyl Kelly

Assistant Head of School for Student Life

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Mrs. Liza Elkin

Dean of Students

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Dr. Sabrina Perez

Dean of Equity, Inclusion, and Leadership

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Mr. Shane Francoeur

Dean of Campus Engagement

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Mrs. Diane Riley

Director of Weekend Services

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Mrs. Alicia Quigley

Assistant Director of Weekend Services
and Travel Coordinator

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