FALL 2019
 | Issue 1

Alumni/AE Spotlight:

Jason Richardson '83

Jason Richardson“From looking at this campus, it doesn’t feel like 40 years have gone by,” said Jason Richardson, Eagle Hill class of 1983. Richardson toured campus almost 40 years exactly to the day he originally step foot in Hardwick. A native of Canada, Richardson immediately found a home at Eagle Hill when he met Charles McDonald, former headmaster at Eagle Hill and father to current headmaster Dr. PJ McDonald. “He gave me a place to learn, where I could grow and make memories that I still remember until this day.“

During his time at Eagle Hill, Richardson quickly fell in love with the warm sense of community the school offered. “Eagle Hill is the kind of place where the door is always open. No matter what you needed, someone was willing to help you. Now, almost 40 years later, Eagle Hill still has the door open for me..”

Even today, Richardson attributes his positive mindset to his experience at Eagle Hill. “There is not enough ink in the world to describe my time at Eagle Hill. It set me on a course for my entire life that allowed me to give back and help others in need.”

A Growing Passion
In considering his future, Charles McDonald recommended to Richardson that he should try working in a kitchen to see if he enjoyed it. Fast forward to present-day, Richardson still follows his old headmaster’s advice. “ I’ve been a chef now for over 30 years. That is the best advice that was ever given to me because I found my life’s calling. I’ve been able to work in several restaurants and hotels, universities and shelters, all with the idea of helping people.

A Lifetime of Giving Back
Richardson currently works for CoolAid, a Canadian food service organization that feeds hungry individuals throughout the country and fights to end homelessness. His kitchen serves 980 meals each day, with over 350,000 meals served each year. “I learned how to give at Eagle Hill. Now, I have the opportunity to give to others every day. “ You can support Richardson and his work by visiting www.CoolAid.org/food.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What are your long-term goals?

    A: In about 12 years, I am hoping to retire and go back and teach others how to cook! I would love to impact young adults the way I was impacted, and if I can help them find their passion like I did, that would be very satisfying.
  • Q: What words do you think of when you think of Eagle Hill

    A: When I think of Eagle Hill, I think of love, hope, and joy. There is so much love on campus, it is such a welcoming environment. This place also provides so much hope to students and families, like it did for mine. Some of my best memories are from Eagle Hill.
  • Q: If you had any advice to give to a current Eagle Hill student, what would it be?

    A: The door is always open for people at Eagle Hill. Make connections with your teachers and listen to them. They love and care for you, and they will help you if you want to be helped.
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