July is an investment in September



Traditional Summer Session

Eagle Hill’s Summer Session blends the experience of a classic summer camp with our unique approach to educating diverse learners. The course offerings and activities are designed to help students ages 10-16 have a fun-filled summer while building confidence and paving the road for academic success in the fall. There’s a reason so many families have fallen in love with Eagle Hill after participating in the summer program!

New Student Summer Orientation Program

The New Student Summer Orientation Program is a five-week summer experience designed intentionally and specifically for students starting their first year at EHS in September. Students will take five courses offered through EHS's traditional summer program and two courses for credit-Seminar On Learning and Adventure Ropes-that are for Orientation Program participants only. Additionally, there will be numerous social activities for Orientation participants only, culminating in a summer-ending white water rafting trip.

Leaders in Training

The LIT program is the perfect opportunity for energetic, inquisitive students to take on responsibility, gain valuable leadership experience, and transform summertime into a period of personal and social growth. The Leaders in Training program blends workshops, supervised opportunities to lead younger summer students, special off-campus trips and community service programs, and collaborative classroom teaching opportunities with one goal in mind: helping your children grow into the leaders you know they can be!

Pre and Mid-IB Program

Eagle Hill School's Pre and Mid-IB Program is taught by expert teachers with an eye toward honing the skills that will make for successful IB Diploma Programme candidates. Seven courses emphasizing communication and analysis as well as invaluable foundational knowledge make up the bulk of the curriculum which is rounded out with a supervised study hall period during which students complete assignments and engage in their own research. Afternoons are reserved for challenging and exciting extra-curricular offerings including organized physical activities, engagement in service in the local community, and opportunities to hone creativity. Come join us for a memorable summer of camaraderie, academic preparation, and personal growth!
If you have any questions, you can reach an admission officer by telephone at 413-477-6000 or by email at admissions@eaglehill.school.

July 1 – August 2, 2019

From early July through early August, Eagle Hill runs a five-week session (July 1 to August 2, 2019) for students ages 10-16 who have been identified with specific learning (dis)abilities and/or ADHD, inattentive sub-type.

Consistent with our mission, the Eagle Hill summer session provides academic enrichment and skill development for students interested in addressing specific academic and social skills needs or maintaining progress achieved over the preceding academic year. Electives and sports activities are combined with academic courses to address the needs of the whole person in a camp atmosphere. This success-oriented environment gives bright, motivated students the opportunity to flourish. Our summer session is also a great way for students entering the fall session for the first time in September to become acquainted with the campus, the faculty, and their peers. This head start ensures a smooth and successful transition.
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