Dean of Equity, Inclusion & Leadership

Job Description

The Dean of Equity, Inclusion and Leadership is responsible for the development and improvement of student life by organizing events, programs and professional development opportunities to ensure that we continue to create a community that honors its diversity and fosters equity, mutual respect, appreciation and embrace the needs of our students as a community and as individuals.

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Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Organize weekly Town Hall style meetings to provide a safe space for students and faculty to discuss important topics and offer ideas for change. 
  • Collaborating with the social justice department and pragmatics department to coordinate topics that can be continued through to the student life portion of the day.
  • Develop partnerships for students to work with community organizations.
  • Small group programming, including but not limited to: Proctor Program, Summer Interns, Student Council and Affinity groups.
  • Organize and implement New Student Orientation Leader Training, New Student Orientation and registration day activities.
  • Support the dorm faculty with regards to monthly dorm floor activities, maintain master schedule of dorm floor programming and make sure supplies are assembled.
  • Oversee the continued development and implementation of the Student Life curriculum and collaborate with the Pragmatics Department Chair to coordinate with the SEL activities.
  • Supervision of Upper campus dorm faculty. Completes weekly room inspections and provides feedback to dorm counselors.  Supports dorms faculty with term reports and log notes.
  • Organize, schedule and implement special events, such as Prom and Senior Banquet.
  • Collaborates with the Dean of Campus Engagement to develop individual “Student Engagement Plans.”  for students upon returning from an at home suspension, in school suspension, returning from a medical leave or mid-year admission.
  • Develop and help implement “class” activities throughout the school year.
  • Provide informal counseling to students on an as needed basis and communicate with the necessary personnel including consulting therapists, family members and faculty.
  • Coordinates clubs, club fairs by season and activities schedule/sign-ups/
  • Collaborates with the Director of Weekends to implement on campus, weekend activities.
  • Support IB CAS supervision by either serving as the CAS coordinator or supervising the CAS coordinator.
  • Manage major and minor discipline cases with the Assistant Head of School for Student Life, Dean of Students and other Student Life administration.
  • Works with Day students and their families, responsible for weekly newsletter.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned by the Assistant Head of School for Student Life.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Provide support for Club Advisors.
  • Organizes and maintains schedules for weekly faculty duty responsibilities.
  • Development and supervision of, peer mediation program which will serve to work with students who need a mediation or conflict resolution session.
  • Work with students who need additional executive functioning assistance around room maintenance.

Auxiliary Responsibilities

  • Guide EHS values and education curriculum for dorms.
  • Will assist the nursing staff by walking students down from class for random drug testing.
  • Assists with the final rounds and securing campus on 3-11PM shifts


Sunday:                4:00-11:00pm
Monday:               2:00-9:00pm
Tuesday               2:00-10:000pm
Wednesday         1:00-9:00pm
Thursday             1:00-11:00pm

About Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill School is a residential, co-educational secondary school in Hardwick, MA. Eagle Hill School seeks applications from candidates who will promote the school's commitment to attracting and retaining a highly talented and diverse faculty and staff. A successful candidate will be prepared to engage in the boarding community and co-curricular programs as well as provide inspirational and innovative education in and outside the classroom.

It is the policy of Eagle Hill School to give equal opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, ancestry, age, disability, or pregnancy.