Authentic Success and Living an Ethical Life

Eagle Hill School
Eagle Hill School’s formal dinner series was pleased to welcome Corey Ciocchetti on Tuesday evening! Mr. Ciocchetti is an associate professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at the University of Denver. He has a law degree from Duke University and a masters in Religious Studies from the University of Denver.
Corey speaks around the country on authentic success and living an ethical life. Mr. Ciocchetti challenged our students to think about how they are choosing to live their lives. He asked our students to do three things every day: think, feel, and laugh.
Mr. Ciocchetti encouraged students to go beyond the grades and memorizing for the sake of grades to a shift in mindset that grades should follow knowledge. He thus challenged students to wonder.
  • Why are you reading?
  • What you’re reading?
  • Why are you doing a particular class project or exercise you’ve been asked to do?
  • Ask questions, think deeply.
He also asked students to have their emotions stirred, what he called feeling goosebumps. He wanted student to focus on inches gained in a day.
  • How many people’s lives did you change today?
  • How many people are better today because you were there?
Lastly, he asked students to laugh, to feel joy. He asked students to think about whether when they woke up in the morning and if they felt happy.
Mr. Ciocchetti ended his session with one final thought for students. He noted that there are students around the world that would be honored to have the opportunity to have a seat at Eagle Hill School; and so he asked simply, what are you doing with your seat?
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