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Pioneer Robotics competed in the VEX Robotic Competition held on Sunday December 9th at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester.
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Pioneer Robotics came into the tournament with a robot capable of climbing the platforms for the highest scoring element at 6 points. They also programmed successfully for 3 points of autonomous play by pitching a ball with a pneumatic system for 2 points and moving a flag for the third point which earned 4 bonus points.
The team abandoned the cap turner, lifter and the ball loader, all sub-assemblies that were not working by the emergency Friday build time. However, Pioneer Robots were successful with climbing and held their position from other robots trying to dethrone them on the platforms. Unfortunately, the autonomous pitch would hit the target but was not strong enough to flip the target to a scoring position.
Additional points were scored by turning the three lower flags with posts. This limited their scoring potential to 9 points per match. Pioneers also did some blocking of opponents to assist their partner robots in scoring.
Pioneer Robotics ended the day with 2 wins and 5 loses and 59 scheduled points putting the team in 35th place of the 44 teams attending. The team also tried the Skills Challenge and are ranked 13th for the day with their 9 point maximum scoring potential. Pioneer Robotics have the current world rank of 1325 of 2269 robots who have tried the Skills Challenge.
The next Robotics tournament is on Saturday, January 12th.
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