Dr. Peter Percuoco Teaches Teens About The Brain-Body Connection

Eagle Hill School
Tuesday marked the close of our Formal Dinner series this year on The Intangible Mind: Invisible Forces that Impact Teens. Dr. Peter Percuoco, a chiropractic neurologist by trade with a passion for understanding the brain-body connection, spoke to students about living their best lives. He presented information on how emotions often inhibit action and provided examples of how this stifles forward motion in one's life. He also discussed the ways in which teens can reset these emotional responses to move forward with purpose. 
This year our Pioneers have learned about various topics that, while invisible in nature, have a profound impact on their day-to-day lives. They learned about identifying learning disabilities and making goals to overcome obstacles; the symptoms, causes and resources for addressing addiction; how bullying--both typical and online--can impact teens and peers; the mind/body/spirit connection and ways to manage stress; how to recognize and address common mental illness like anxiety and depression; and finally, how to live your best life by taking action. Students were able to grapple with these topics through discussion, Q&A forums and informal conversations with faculty. While these topics may never be completely transparent or understandable, providing information about common concerns for teens helps to reduce the stigma and increase the lines of communication. The Student Life Department at EHS will continue working to provide support in these and other topics in our residential curriculum and Formal Dinner Lecture Series. 
If you have a speaker or topic you think should be considered for the 2018-2019 school year, please submit ideas to Natalie Mays, the Associate Dean of Student Life--Campus Programs: nmays@eaglehill.school. 
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