Teens Learn About Their Growing Brains During Student Life Speaker Series

Eagle Hill School
Melissa Harrington joined us to look at Mental Health and Teens on Tuesday Evening. Representing an organization called Minding Your Mind, Melissa works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by talking directly to teens about contributing factors in Depression and Anxiety. Melissa shared how unresolved stress can significantly lead to poor mental health and offered positive coping strategies as well as ways to seek help. She talked about negative coping strategies for stress--like procrastination--and delved into why we are so susceptible to put off undesirable tasks. Taking a more transparent and conversational approach, Melissa also covered the biology of the teen brain and the parts that are particularly strong in adolescence such as emotions and the reward center while other parts are still growing like long-term planning and rational thought. She also took questions from students and provided external resources. 
You can discover more information about teen mental health at Minding Your Mind's website: www.mindingyourmind.comThere you will also find a symptom checker and more resources such as statistics and information on early intervention. 
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