Stress Coach Teaches Teens About Stress Management

Eagle Hill School
Stephanie Simpson joined us last night for a multi-faceted look at stress. Simpson, a long time practitioner of yoga and dance incorporates a three-pronged mind-body-spirit approach to identifying and managing stressors. She discussed self-talk and how negative thoughts become the stories we tell ourselves but that those thoughts can be identified and replaced with positive thoughts. She then talked about the mind-body connection and how areas can manifest in the body. Students participated in simple body poses and breathing exercises to reduce stress, as well as tapping (EFT) practices. Lastly, Simpson addressed Spirit as buying into something bigger than yourself, whether that be religion, a connection to the earth or simply contribution to causes or social movements that allow for a broad impact. 
In today’s world, riddled with stressful components for both adults and teens, having and building a toolkit is essential in navigating the stressors of daily life. Talk with your teen about positively and proactively identifying stress and help them access practices that reduce and manage these feelings. Here are some guiding questions to get you started:  
What types of things cause you or other teens the most stress or anxiety? 
People tend to sometimes stress out about things that are out of their control. Does that happen to you and, if so, what types of things worry you or stress you out? Is there merit to worrying about things you cannot control? 
How do you relax in a situation that causes you stress?
What stress management techniques have worked for you or others in the past?
What does mindfulness mean to you and how have you seen it in your daily life?
Do you think practices like yoga and meditation help teens relieve stress? If so, how?
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