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MIT’s Oceane Boulais wows EHS students

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MIT’s Oceane Boulais wows EHS students

On January 9th, Eagle Hill School welcomed Ocean Boulais, MIT Media Lab graduate student to campus as a part of our Formal Dinner Series this year, themed Canvas of the Imagination: Creativity and Innovation. Oceane opened the minds of our students with the innovative and amazing projects of her and her colleagues at MIT. Students witnessed exciting projects such as software that can turn a banana into a piano, the ability to play music with classical musicians even after they have passed away, and even telepathy software that allows individuals to search the internet with the mind!

Students were allowed to ask questions and explore the various STEM topics throughout the evening. Oceane was thoroughly impressed with the new PJM STEM Center on campus and told the crowd how lucky they were to have a space like that to explore! The hope based on several questions from the audience is to have students visit the famous MIT Media Lab and collaborate on future projects.

Oceane advised students to always wonder what is possible, even if you have to wander to get there!

You can check out Oceane's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjpWQkmopgY 
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