Max Silver ’06

“The transition from Eagle Hill to college was quite simple. Whether it was with the academics or meeting new people, the atmosphere that my university provided was much like EHS. The class sizes were similar so the teachers closely observed your progress and became almost friends rather than teachers. The social life was also comparable because the school was much smaller and you knew almost everyone. The great thing about going to a small school was the ability to get involved quickly while getting noticed. The structure of Eagle Hill really helped me fit into the academic and social lifestyle. Making important contacts with successful people in the business world and never being afraid to ask for advice is starting to pay off. I decided to take the initiative and use the skills and contacts I had to capitalize on my dream—starting and running a company.”

“When thinking back on what skills Eagle Hill provided me with, the first thing that came to mind was confidence. Having confidence enabled me to become a great public speaker, a people person, and a responsible person. EHS taught me that everyone has value; you just need to believe in yourself. These skills have really had an impact on my life.”

“I would tell Eagle Hill students to believe in yourself and if people have doubt, that should just give you more motivation to show the world who you really are and what you really are capable of. Everyone has dreams, but the people who are successful and motivated reach those dreams much faster than others.”