Capital Giving

In addition to enjoying strong annual fund support, Eagle Hill has a history of successful capital and comprehensive campaigns. Most recently, Dare to Dream, our most ambitious campaign ever, raised over $55 million to create the PJM STEM Center and revitalize our existing academic spaces, athletic facility, and endowed funds. Previous campaigns have created the remarkable campus today’s students enjoy, as well as greater access and opportunity through scholarship and financial aid. Campaign giving creates the foundation, both physical and financial, for Eagle Hill’s continued excellence and the success of our students. 

Impact Personified

Check out a few of the named spaces on campus made possible by generous and caring Eagle Hill benefactors.

Harmsworth Hall

Harmsworth Hall is our largest dormitory, housing predominantly junior and senior students. Male students occupy one side of the building, female students the other, with our health services center sited in the center. The dorm features suite-style accommodations for independent living, along with shared common spaces and dedicated resident counselors on each floor. Named through a gift from Esmond Harmsworth and Jim Richardson, trustee and former faculty member.

Chapman Dining Commons

Chapman Dining Commons features buffet-style dining for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunches. With a wide assortment of daily offerings, there truly is something for everyone. A spacious outdoor patio allows for dining al fresco when weather permits. The space also hosts Family Weekend dinners, the occasional banquet, evening study halls, and more. Named through a gift by Steve Chapman and Suzanne Chapman, parents of John ‘09.

Andresen Family Golf Simulator

The Andresen Golf Simulator is situated in the Baglio Sports and Fitness Center. Utilizing state-of-the-art radar, virtual reality, and instruction by Eagle Hill coaches and visiting PGA professionals, the simulator provides Eagle Hill students (and faculty!) year-round play. Named through a gift from Matt and Teri Andresen, parents of Alex ‘19.

The Morein Center for Advanced Design

The Morein Center for Advanced Design houses the technological heart of the STEM Center. With cutting-edge equipment, including multiple 3D printers, CNC and laser cutters, and more, this space allows for students to engage in hands-on creation limited only by their imagination. Named through a gift from Mark and Karan Morein, parents of Kenzi ’20.

Blumencranz Family Botany Wall

As a gift from the Blumencranz Family, with their son Luke ’21, this stunning wall of plants sits beautifully on the third floor of the PJM STEM Center.

Students are able to take care of and learn about over 17 varieties of plants that sit right outside of our biology classrooms.

Gates Family Atrium

Made possible by a gift by John and Weezie Gates, and their son Thomas ’17, the Gates Family Atrium welcomes all visitors into the stunning PJM STEM Center.

With ample seating and space, the atrium is often used as a place for impressive large-scale designs and collaboration.

Hoyt Terrace and Commons

Created through a gift made by David and Janyce Hoyt, and their daughter Elena ’15, the Hoyt Terrace and Commons serves as a gathering place on the third floor of the PJM STEM Center with breathtaking views of the overall Eagle Hill campus and Hardwick horizon.

Cobb Café

Provided by John and Georgianna Cobb, and their daughter Lauren ’13, the Cobb Café is one of the most popular spots on campus and is located directly in the heart of the PJM STEM Center.

The Cobb Café gives students an opportunity to grab a quick drink or snack, whether they are on the go or have some time to spare. Modeled after a coffeehouse where students and teachers can meet and collaborate, the café serves as a social hub for our community.

The café is stocked with freshly brewed coffee, homemade smoothies, sports drinks, snacks, and more!

Andresen Library Commons

With the support of Matt and Teri Andresen, and their son Alex ’19, the Andresen Library Commons located on the second floor of the PJM STEM Center serves as one of the most popular gathering places on campus.

Whether it’s to check out a literary source, complete an assignment with classmates, or just to hang out by the fireplace, the Andresen Library Commons is the place to be on an Eagle Hill night!

Archipley Robotics Center

Through the generosity of Thomas and Dina Archipley, and their son Zach ’19, the Archipley Robotics Center, located on the first floor of the PJM STEM Center, houses state-of-the-art equipment for our strong robotics team.

Equipped with technology from Vex Robotics, along with a full-sized robotics arena, the Archipley Robotics Center are a place where innovation and competition are at the forefront.


Growing a robust endowment and providing permanent scholarship, and program support are imperative to our success. Endowed funds are an additional and essential means to preserve the long-term feasibility of the Eagle Hill design. Endowments can underwrite the costs of employing and retaining top faculty and also can affect tuition rates. Scholarship funds directly reduce or eliminate costs for some families, and overall tuition growth is slowed by the endowed funds supporting faculty, programs, and facilities, thus reducing the need to increase tuition to match growing costs. By strengthening the endowment, we will preserve our ability to offer all that makes Eagle Hill School so unique and successful.

PJM STEM Center Opening

A Milestone Event at Eagle Hill School

On September 8, 2019, Eagle Hill School celebrated the grand opening of the PJM STEM Center. The STEM Center was a thirteen-month-long project to fulfill Eagle Hill’s mission to evolve its teaching philosophy and move to a space that would encourage flexibility and collaboration. The STEM Center encompasses science, technology, engineering, and math, and has dedicated space for innovation and entrepreneurialism. Additionally, the overall project included a revitalization of the existing academic spaces moving toward more open and flexible spaces, as well as enhanced social spaces. In recognition of the way our students learn, and more importantly, thrive, the new STEM Center creates an imaginative, collaborative, and cutting-edge space for them to expand their academic experience while developing professional and technical acumen.

Funding for the center came from a $50 million Dare to Dream capital campaign and by the generosity of our board of trustees, our closest friends, and leading current and alumni families. Lead donors to the campaign and the STEM Center, Diana and Peter Merriam, chose to name the center in recognition of the extraordinary leadership of current Head of School Dr. PJ McDonald. The PJM STEM Center honors Dr. McDonald’s leadership in a way that reflects just how much he has meant to the Eagle Hill School community. At the opening of the PJM STEM Center, Dr. McDonald accepted this honor with gratitude and these words, “Over the last twenty-seven years, I honestly cannot remember a single day in which I did not want to be doing THIS job on THIS campus…. My excitement and passion to lead Eagle Hill School have never been greater. We have so many important and innovative initiatives to imagine and create as, together, we work toward building the perfect school for our children.”

To learn more about the design vision for the PJM STEM Center, see our blog post Creating the Adjacent Possible by Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Riendeau.