Eagle Hill 55 Day Fitness Blitz

What: A 55-day challenge to get up, get moving, and stay healthy however you choose.

Why: Perhaps now more than ever, there are plenty of reasons to be sedentary. While there’s obviously good reason (and in some cases, orders) for avoiding some of the familiar fitness venues (gym, spinning, crossfit, etc), it’s important to our physical, mental, and emotional health to be active. It’s also fun!

How: Let’s motivate each other, compete, and achieve together! Teams will be randomly selected and comprised of faculty, alumni/ae, Eagle Hill family members, and of course students. Points will be awarded based on the nature and/or duration of daily activity.  

On May 30th, the following winners will be announced:
  • Team- Greatest Number of Points
  • Team- Greatest Number of Active Days
  • Individual- Most Points
  • Individual- Greatest Number of Active Days
The winning team will be memorialized with a plaque in the Baglio Center.
Encourage your teammates and do your part! Every minute counts!

When: The competition will kick off Monday, April 6th and run until Saturday, May 30th, finishing the challenge whether we are at home or on campus. The winning team will be announced prior to commencement.

Where: Your daily activity can be logged HERE where points will be awarded for each activity.

We’ve compiled this list to be considerate of the fact that many of our families will not have access to fitness facilities or equipment they ordinarily use. There are plenty of options that can be done productively and safely at home.


1 Point Per Minute
2 Points Per Minute
Biking (stationary or outdoor)
3 Points Per Minute
Hiking (terrain, elevation change)
4 Points Per Minute
Resistance Training
Sprinting or Spinning (total workout)
Jumping Rope
HIT Training/Cross Training


Share your workout photos and videos at:
P.O. Box 116
242 Old Petersham Road
Hardwick, MA 01037
Phone: 413.477.6000
Fax: 413.477.6837

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