Near Pixar-Quality Images Emerging from Animation Class

written by: Dr. Tony McCaffrey

Blender is a professional animation suite that is free for everyone. Students are impressed with the high quality animation clips produced by professional animators who use Blender. This motivates many of my students to become adept at Blender so they too can produce such high quality animation.
Many students have become deeply engaged with this professional tool and have already created near Pixar-quality still images of objects such as frosted donuts, coffee cups, and planets. Their success empowers and inspires them to dig deeper in order to unlock more of the potential of this amazing program. While they are not yet producing full animation on some of these images, they are certainly succeeding when it comes to producing high quality still images. Making moving images is their next challenge.
Enjoy the initial creations of a few of my students.

Sam J C. ‘21 made a basic donut and then added sprinkles and better texture.



Next, Sam made a cup of coffee and then put everything together.



Schuyler P. ’23 decided to make his donut chocolate!

After creating a realistic donut and coffee cup, Sam began programming with actual animation. He created this shimmering sunset.  [click image to see animation]


This eerie alien planet was designed by a student who, because of modesty, wants to remain anonymous.

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