Supporting Your Child with Diverse Learning Profiles

written by: Tina Gregory, guest blogger for Eagle Hill School

How to Support Your Child with Learning Differences or Diverse Learning Profiles

Children all learn differently. Some learn fast, while others need a bit more time. It is these differences that sculpt your child's formative learning years, years that will one day lead to them being well-adjusted adults. As a parent, you actively play a part in your child's development.

If your child has been observed to exhibit learning differences or falls under a diverse learning profile, how you support them may need a little tweaking. Rest assured that with your help, your child will thrive and overcome the challenges that come with these differences. Read on to know more about how to better support your child and equip them with the tools that they will need to succeed.

Find Their Strengths

Your child's learning difference may lead to them being more adept in some aspects more than others. Now, instead of trying to force them to be great at something that they naturally struggle with, why not steer them in the right direction and capitalize on their strengths? Development expert David Elkind of Tufts University emphasizes the fact that children are not "standardized", that they excel in different fields and areas at a different pace than other children. This is kind of thinking is in line with the theory of multiple intelligences.

The multiple intelligences include fields such as musical, visual, logical, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, existential, and more. So guide your children to find which intelligence they have the most affinity with to maximize their potential and growth.

Seek Professional Help

One way you can support your child through their journey is to seek out additional help from experts. This is because trained professionals are equipped with skills to deal with learning differences such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and dyslexia, just to name a few.

It is especially important to seek professional help if the child’s learning ability also affects their mental health. Indeed, Maryville University notes that those with psychology backgrounds are armed with a deeper understanding of contemporary attitudes to mental health and other necessary skills that will help your child. From clinical child psychologists who can tackle these issues with a child's psyche in mind to school counselors who are there for support, knowing what kind of service different specialists provide can help you find the right aid for your child. This way you can give your child all the support they need to thrive in life.

Coordinate With Their School

Another thing you should consider is to coordinate with your child's school. You can give them a heads up about areas where your child experiences difficulties. What's great about this is that most schools nowadays have special programs that are geared towards addressing these differences, thus lessening the load on your child and giving them a better shot at succeeding.

This type of education is fast becoming a new movement, with CNN revealing how personalized learning is slowly on the rise. Children learn better when the material is handcrafted to maximize a child's potential, and for those with diverse learning profiles, this personalization makes all the difference.

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