About Ronald M. Baglio

Dr. Ronald Michael Baglio

July 13, 1970 – October 4, 2012

Ron Baglio served as Eagle Hill School’s Assistant Headmaster for Student Life for eighteen years. He was respected and admired by his colleagues, and he helped a generation of students find meaning and success in their lives. Ron was the most fundamentally decent human being our community has ever known. It was impossible to meet Ron without encountering that decency immediately.

Ron’s selflessness defined him. He cared first and always for the rest of us, thinking of himself later and perhaps not often enough. He was a man for others—for his students, his colleagues, his friends, his Villanova brothers, his family, his children, his beloved wife—for people he met at the General Store on his way to collect the mail. Ron was the hero of his children’s fairytales, and nothing gave him more satisfaction than playing with, reading to, and laughing with his children.

Ron was an avid reader, a gifted writer, an accomplished speaker, and an able artist. He had an extraordinary gift for humor and found humor in almost every situation. Ron was also a sports enthusiast and an ardent basketball player, and his love for the New York Yankees was well-known and absolute.

One of Ron’s many legacies is that he lived by a personal creed: Do what is right. Always. In doing so, he set an extraordinary example for all of us who had the pleasure and privilege of working with and learning from him. Ron’s life and legacy will grace this campus and community forever.

Profile in the Boston Globe

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