Visual Arts

student painting

Students who are passionate about the visual arts will find ample opportunities to explore their interests at Eagle Hill School. Under the instruction of an amazingly creative and caring faculty, our students find avenues of personal expression—in paintings, drawings, sculptures, handcrafted household objects, woodworking projects, videos, and computer graphics—to bring to life their own ideas, perceptions, and responses.

The art classrooms in the Archipley Cultural Center are fully equipped and include a traditional dark room, screen printing studio, kiln, woodshop, and virtually anything else you can think of to create art!


“Eagle Hill has so much to offer and is the perfect place to cultivate students’ own unique traits and crafts.”

Matthew H. 
class of 2012

Explore our Visual Arts

Fine Arts

Classes in the fine arts at Eagle Hill guide students through a study of history and technique, and encourage them to develop their own aesthetic style as an artist. Courses offered vary from photography to book arts, pottery to mixed media, and all other mediums in between.


Screen Printing

Graphic Arts

Students interested in graphic arts have many opportunities to learn and create at Eagle Hill. Course offerings in Photoshop, screen printing, and desktop publication build off of basic art skills such as drawing, painting, and color theory, and introduce students to digital art processes and designing for publication and commercial use. 


Eagle Hill students have the opportunity to create using a variety of woodworking tools and materials. Study in woodworking teaches students about material characteristics, material-specific techniques, and essential tool safety. Students then build on their developed knowledge to design and problem solve, creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful.