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Forgotten Faces
Eagle Hill School

Ode to a Forgotten People and Place

A new gallery exhibit at Eagle Hill School features the photography of Vern McClish.

Look into someone’s eyes, and if you are lucky, you see a soul. The Archipley Cultural Center is currently hosting an exhibit by photographer Vern McClish, featuring fifty powerful images. The exhibition, Ode to a Forgotten People and Place: Faces and Families of Ohio’s Appalachia 1971-1974, specifically focuses on the Southeast Ohio Appalachian coal region, with images and text highlighting the people who live there, and will be on display through March 2024.

The Eyes and Faces

Vern McClish’s lens captures the essence of Appalachia, presenting a visual narrative of the individuals and families who worked tirelessly in the coal mines, contributing significantly to America’s insatiable need for energy. Beyond the physical toll, the region has grappled with the ravages of poverty, family strife, and the devastating impact of the opioid crisis.

The exhibition serves as a testament to the unwavering determination and commitment of those who have called Appalachia home. McClish says of this exhibit, “I was fortunate to get to know many of these people. They became my family. After gaining their trust, they gave me access to recording their very souls, through those eyes and faces in these photographs. Each photograph reminds me of a personal encounter with each of them. I hope you enjoy.”

Reception and Meet the Artist

On Saturday, February 10, The Center at Eagle Hill will host a full evening celebrating the arts. Beginning with a Gallery Celebration at 4:00 pm, community members are invited to come together for refreshments and conversation with photographer Vern McClish.

Following this reception, at 7 pm, The Center will welcome local musicians The Green Sisters for an evening of bluegrass, barbershop, blues and jovial sibling banter. It will be a night of local talent not to be missed!

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