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Riendeau bronze bust
Eagle Hill School

Immortalized in Bronze

A life-like bronzed bust created by STAR artist, John Collins is now on display in the Archipley Cultural Center.

Back in September, Eagle Hill School welcomed John Collins as STAR (Students, Teachers, Artists-in-Residence) Artist. John, a sculptor and painter, joined our campus for a period of focused artwork and to collaborate with students and teachers to facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to learning.

During his time at EHS, John has worked with students studying Reading, Anatomy & Physiology, and History, as well as running workshops after school hours. In the six months he has been with us, he has taken on numerous collaborations – the latest of which was pushed into the spotlight at last Friday’s all-school meeting. At the meeting, to the surprise of students and teachers alike, John unveiled a life-like bronzed bust of Dr. Michael Riendeau, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs.

For years, students have affectionately rubbed the top of Dr. Riendeau’s head for good luck. Unfortunately, this is usually a pleasant experience for only one of the parties involved. To remedy the problem, student Odin R. ’25 asked John to create a near-perfect likeness of Dr. Riendeau. John took countless measurements and multiple photo references to capture Dr. Riendeau in clay. The statue now has a permanent home in the Archipley Cultural Center for all to visit for a little bit of luck.

We are honored to have a piece of John’s incredible work marking his time with us for years to come. Read his unveiling address to the school below:

Good morning Eagle Hill School!

I know breakfast may be waiting for some of you, so I’ll keep this brief.

As an artist, I know a little something about creating things. I hope you realize the very special thing you all have created here with this school. I am very honored to have played a small part in it this year.

Around Thanksgiving – while thoroughly enjoying the collaborations, the STAR artist studio and food – I started thinking about a way I could say “Thank You”.

Then I learned about a practice here that involves improving one’s luck by rubbing the top of Dr. Riendeau’s head and was asked to make a sculpture of him providing unlimited access to this source of good fortune. I was all in as long as Dr Riendeau was cool with it.

There are too many people to thank individually. Truly, all the students, teachers, and staff that I have had a chance to interact with have been awesome.

So, before my time here is over in a few weeks I would like to say thank you with something which will hopefully be enjoyed and provide “Good Luck” for a long time.

The sculpture of Dr Riendeau’s lucky head will be displayed in the upper gallery hallway outside the Abby Theatre. I hope you all enjoy it!


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Star Artist with bronze bust

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