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Adis Halilovic headshot
Eagle Hill School

Emotional and colorful paintings make their appearance at Eagle Hill.

A new resident STAR artist arrives.

Adis Halilovic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to the United States of America in 1998. Growing up in Georgia, he put a big focus on academics and fell in love with the STEM field, attending a specialized school for STEM. He had a love for science and a deeply inquisitive mind.

After only having done art on the side, he attended college as a Chemistry major where he took his first class in drawing. A whole new world opened, and he began expanding into other media. Oil painting particularly drew him in, becoming a meditative experience and his primary media. 

His work uses vibrant colors and is emotional by nature while exploring deep themes through well-thought-out research. He enjoys playing with unusual materials that excite the audience and push the boundaries of traditional oil paintings to new levels.

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