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Creative Arts at Eagle Hill

Imagination is where new ideas are generated.

Central to Eagle Hill School’s arts curriculum is a belief in the vital importance of the creative imagination. The imagination is where new ideas are generated, where true artistic development and progress become possible. Our teachers support and nurture their students’ creative imaginations by helping them to find means of personal expression that are effective and appropriate for them, and to then make real—in paintings, drawings, sculptures, handcrafted household objects, dramatic and musical performances, musical scores, and computer graphics—the power of their own ideas, perceptions, and responses. In doing so, EHS’s creative arts faculty remain acutely sensitive and responsive to a variety of learning styles.

Training in one of the creative arts encourages the development of self-awareness, confidence, personal initiative, perseverance, and disciplined work habits. It leads to the discovery of insights and understanding as students express and communicate their ideas, feelings, and experiences, and it imparts knowledge about and instills respect for the proper use of tools, materials, processes, and technologies specific to artistic creation.

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