Paul Schneider '08

Boston Strong
Eagle Hill alum Paul Schneider ’08 begins his fulfilling journey as a physician assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The potential for Paul Schneider ’08 was always there in his mind – he just wasn’t sure how to fully reach it as a young student.

“I am unsure how my family first heard of Eagle Hill, but at that time, my family and I were looking for a high school closer to my home in Wayland, MA. We were looking for a school that would provide an environment and education that would allow me to reach my potential and teach me more about my learning differences. Additionally, we were looking for a school where that was the norm, and having a learning difference would not make me unique. Overall, it was a great experience at Eagle Hill, and I have no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.” said Schneider.

By removing the barriers in his previous educational environment, Schneider took advantage of the opportunities made available to him as a student at Eagle Hill and never looked back. Followed by postsecondary stops at Brandeis University, Harvard Extension School, and The George Washington University, his ability and excitement to learn became a strength as opposed to a chore.

“I have been fortunate to have many opportunities both educationally and professionally since graduating from Eagle Hill School. I went on to graduate from Brandeis University, where I double-majored in Health: Science, Society, and Policy, as well as Film, Television, and Interactive Media Studies. I also became heavily involved in EMS, as I worked for and eventually ran Brandeis’s ambulance service (BEMCo.). After undergrad, I went on to become a paramedic graduating valedictorian from my program and working as a paramedic for several years while I completed a post-baccalaureate program at Harvard Extension School and applying to graduate programs to become a physician assistant.”

“I was also fortunate to be accepted to several of the top programs in the country and ended up choosing George Washington University in D.C, where I graduated this past May. There, I was selected to join the Alpha Eta Honor Society. After graduation, I moved back to Boston where I accepted a position in the emergency department at Massachusetts General Hospital.”

Massachusetts General Hospital is the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School located in the west end neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. In joining Mass. General, Schneider hopes to fulfill his dream of helping others while also teaching those who want to do the same.

“Throughout my career thus far, I have been involved in education. In doing so, I’ve taken the lessons I learned at Eagle Hill and incorporated them into my teaching style.”

Schneider has taught courses in the medical field at Pro Center for Medics, Northeastern University, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and the National College of Technical Instruction. This passion for teaching stemmed from some of the outstanding faculty he learned from while at Eagle Hill.

“I am so grateful for the support of the faculty at Eagle Hill. I was fortunate enough to be able to explore many of my broad interests while at EHS, such as getting involved in the aquarium and similar projects with Mr. Andrew Ward, or the various performances I did with Mr. Harold Burnett, both at EHS and with the Barre Players Community Theatre.”

“The biggest thing Eagle Hill did for me to prepare me for college and my career was to teach me how to learn and how to manipulate educational material to my learning style. While the workload and support varied since leaving Eagle Hill, the skills have been crucial to my success,” said Schneider.

Schneider’s resume consists of extensive and impressive educational and professional accolades, including a variety of licenses, certifications, and achievements that exemplify a young professional who has worked extremely hard in such a short time. Schneider also represents someone who never stopped reaching for what he knew he could achieve.

“From what I learned at Eagle Hill, I would tell students to do your best to take advantage of opportunities to explore your interests while at EHS. You should never stop learning and growing. The opportunities provided when I was there over a decade ago were already extensive and I know they have grown substantially since. Do your best to understand your own learning style, how to adapt the material to it, and push for your dreams to achieve your potential.”

The Eagle Hill community wishes Paul luck in his new venture at Massachusetts General Hospital – we are tremendously proud of the impact he is having on others in the world!