Jeff Mendelsohn ’03

“In public school, I sat in the back of the classroom, distracted by students dropping pencils, fumbling in backpacks for homework assignments, and unwrapping cough drops. I didn’t have any confidence in my academic abilities.

I’ll forever remember the advice given to me by Eric Stone, dean of education at EHS. ‘Whether in high school or college, you need to think of yourself as the single most important person in the class, and that person deserves the opportunity to sit up front.’”

“Of course, Eagle Hill’s small class size means there is no such thing as ‘back of the class,’ and I found myself front and center every day. I was able to stay focused and interested; the lessons seemed personalized for me, and I was motivated to become a serious and successful student.”

“Working at organizations like Forbes and now Amazon, even when I attend meetings and training sessions, you’ll know where to find me…front and center.”