Jackson Morris ’18

“Transformational. In a word, my experience at Eagle Hill was transformational. I grew so much in my years in the small town of Hardwick, Massachusetts, that it strains comprehension. I entered as a poor student, uninspired, and as a bystander to my own life. I didn’t participate in sports, or clubs, or community events of any kind really. At Eagle Hill, I learned to manage my time, my work, and my classes. I learned the value of regular athletics, whether in working out or competition. I learned the value of a community like Eagle Hill and how there are always people willing to help you if you just reach out and ask for it."

I learned the tools necessary to build whatever life I want for my future. I made friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life. The memories I made and the adventures we had will be a part of me forever.    

“Eagle Hill is very much an active part of my life today. I was fortunate to be able to be introduced and meet an Eagle Hill parent who works in the commercial real estate business at an Eagle Hill alumni/ae networking event in California. It resulted in us forming a great connection and an internship for me to gain valuable experience in the field. It’s been a fantastic exposure to the industry I want to be in after I graduate and has also prepared me for future opportunities in different fields.”