Colleen Blair ’09

Life sometimes feels like it can come full circle. Mindsets change and develop, and being able to grow based on different experiences becomes a valuable opportunity.

One of these big opportunities came for Colleen Blair ’09 when she first attended Eagle Hill more than a decade ago. Seeking something specific, Blair quickly decided on EHS because it checked all of her boxes.

“I attended Eagle Hill for the small class sizes, individualized instruction, and well-trained teachers. Those things were very important to me and Eagle Hill was able to provide that and more,” said Blair.

When reflecting on her experience at Eagle Hill, positivity and growth were common themes.

“My experience at Eagle Hill was a very positive one. I had an unlimited amount of support to help become the student and citizen I wanted to be. I have very fond memories of Eagle Hill. I learned to accept my learning difference and to approach life with my learning difference supported by a positive outlook.”

Blair has grown into a professional educator focused on helping students similar to herself when she first arrived in Hardwick.

After attending St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and earning her master’s in special education with a focus on literacy, Blair began working at the prominent Lab School of Washington in Washington, D.C. The Lab School of Washington “is an innovative learning community fostering scholarship and creativity in students with language-based learning differences.” Since she began, Blair has already made an impact at her school just as the faculty at Eagle Hill had with her.

“The first four years I was a lead teacher with a focus on literacy and writing. Two of the years, I was a mentor to two graduate school interns who attended American University. This year we have changed the model to co-teaching where I still focus on literacy and writing.”

Having once sought out her own individualized education, Blair is proud to be able to teach to her students the lessons she learned back when she was a student at Eagle Hill.

“I’ll always tell students to take advantage of all the opportunities at Eagle Hill because you never know what you will have learned that will become an important tool in your career. Also, learn to self-advocate because it is a lifelong skill that everyone will need no matter what profession you may pursue.”

Blair's journey has been a testament to her hard work and care for others. We are proud that she is an alum of Eagle Hill and continues to represent EHS in the best way!

Colleen Blair
Colleen Blair on Ellen

Colleen Blair 09 was nominated and recognized during National Teacher‘s Week on Ellen by host Ellen Degeneres. Blair was just one of one hundred teachers recognized nationwide for their commitment and impact on the students they teach.