The impact of the Eagle Hill School alumni/ae touches every corner of the world.

They are industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who have positive impacts in their communities. No matter their journey, one commonality brings them together—their relationship to Eagle Hill School. The connection to EHS for alums spans far beyond commencement; it serves as a lifelong resource and partnership.

Eagle Hill Connect

As beautiful as our campus may be, the real strength of Eagle Hill is our people both near and far, the individuals who make up the Eagle Hill network. With this network in mind, Eagle Hill Connect serves to connect alumni/ae, family members, and faculty, promote gatherings and events, and present professional opportunity to its members. A conduit for everything from internships to mentors to friends, it ensures that the connection with Eagle Hill doesn’t end at graduation.

Eagle Hill Connect is a private, secure, and engaged social network, and we hope that you enjoy being a part of it. As our alumni/ae ranks grow in number and accomplishment, so too does the vibrancy of the Eagle Hill family. Thank you in advance for contributing to the growth and strength of our network.

Pioneers Represented

Eagle Hill School alumni/ae are represented in every corner of the world. We are proud to see them thrive at some of the best colleges, universities, and post graduate programs in the country.

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Curry College
Endicott College
High Point University
Hofstra Logo
Lasell University
The University of Arizona
Marist College
Sacred Heart University
Dean College
Pioneer Pulse

Pioneer Pulse

Make sure you check out Pioneer Pulse, Eagle Hill School’s quarterly, digital newsletter sent out via email and with features only on Eagle Hill Connect!

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Alumni/ae Campus Visits

We love when friends come back to Hardwick! Alumni visiting times are Monday—Friday, 3:15-7:45 pm.

We ask that you notify us of your upcoming trip and be sure to check in to the WHIKS upon your arrival.

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