Pioneer Profiles

Our Alter Egos series profiles an EHS student or staff who has a hidden, awesome talent; who has interests that lie off the beaten path; or who has had a life experience that others would benefit from hearing. It interviews Pioneers who are becoming the best version of themselves in order to inspire others to follow suit.

Alter Egos Series

    • Gabe Marty

    • Doug and Wesley

Tell me about the shelter.

It was originally started in 2009 by Don Primrose. He saw these guys camped out in a tent behind a store and wanted to give them a place to stay. So he rented space in a commercial building as a temporary shelter for the homeless.

I found out about it last year. I ended up driving there every weekend. I liked the whole aspect of helping a small community. I wasn’t just there to fulfill my community service hours. Sometimes I even chose to volunteer instead of hanging out with my friends.
Wesley, where are you from?
WC: I’m from a small island in the Bahamas called Harbor Island. It’s great for fishing, scuba diving, and camping.
Does everybody know everyone on the island?
WC: Yeah. Everyone knew my mom, and if I did get in trouble, she would hear about it.
How did you hear about Eagle Hill?
    • Jacob W.

Jacob, where are you from?

Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve always lived there.

How’d you hear about Eagle Hill?

My parents found it and recommended it to me. I toured here two years ago and liked it. Coming here, I was a little nervous, but I grew to like it. I had a good roommate and made some good friends.

I understand you’re a craftsman. How’d get started?
Well, I made a kayak when I was 13. I hadn’t done much kayaking, but 

    • Seb D.

Seb, where are you from?

I’m from Bermuda. It’s 21 square miles, has got 60,000 people, and is a subtropical island. Most people think we’re in the Bermuda Triangle, and we get eaten by monsters.

Tell me about your job.

I work at Tucker’s Point Diving Watersports during vacations.  We do two dives in the morning, and one in the afternoon. You don’t have much of a life if you’re a professional diver. It’s seven days a week, twelve hours a day. Everyone is cool, though, very laid back. Until something happens, then they all snap into gear. Because if the instructors mess up, people can die. You have to have that switch. With technical diving, you’re either breathing or you’re dead.

    • Emma V.

Emma, where are you from?

I’m from Chicago. I live three blocks from Wrigley Field.

Tell me about your time at Eagle Hill.

I came in as a junior, so last year. I started a juggling club last year, and I’m in GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance].

How’d you get into juggling?

When I was 15 I went to a camp in Minnesota that specializes in arts, music, and circus, with, like, trapezes and everything. I learned how to unicycle and juggle there. I can’t really unicycle as well 

    • David B.

David, where are you from?
Stockbridge, Massachusetts, way out west. My family’s been there, I don’t really know how long. My grandmother’s parents had a farm there, and my grandfather’s parents were local to the area for at least a century. She bought the farm in the eighties and has been very successful with it.
How did you find out about EHS?
Public school just wasn’t working for me, so we looked at all these alternative boarding schools,
but none of them felt right. I visited Eagle Hill the summer after my freshman year, and I was
pretty pumped about it, but there weren’t any kids here. I liked the facilities, especially the wood shop because, at the time, with my academic experience with public school, I was thinking seriously about doing something trade related.

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