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The Successful Eagle Hill Applicant

Cognitive Skills: Applicants should have average to above-average cognitive ability as measured by the WISC, WAIS, or Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities. Eagle Hill is able to work with students who display relative weaknesses in processing speed and/or working memory.

Academic Profile: An Eagle Hill education begins with the fundamental belief that all students must be understood as individuals. With an average class size of six students, learning is individualized and tailored to meet the specific learning needs of each student. Eagle Hill will provide remedial instruction in any subject area where a student is working below grade level. Eagle Hill accepts motivated students whose skills are within three years of grade level in reading and math. Additionally, Eagle Hill provides challenging academic classes, and it is not unusual for a first year student to receive remedial instruction in one subject area and be in advanced classes in other subject areas. Eagle Hill School offers specific reading approaches, honors course work, and multi-sensory teaching.

Attention: Eagle Hill works with students who have a diagnosis of ADHD, the inattentive sub-type. Additionally, Eagle Hill School can provide a program for students who are distractible and/or inattentive or who have difficulty with executive function skills. We are not able to support a student who displays significant hyperactivity, impulsivity, or difficulty with self-control.

Emotional/Social/Behavioral Profile: At Eagle Hill, we feel it is important to work with the whole child and that students who are away from home during their teenage years need to continue their social development while they are at school. We provide a nurturing and structured environment, and work with students who are free from primary emotional, social, or behavioral issues. Eagle Hill candidates are emotionally healthy, and, once enrolled, are willing to work closely with the faculty and put in the efforts to become successful students.
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Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill School is the premier college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 8-12 with diverse learning profiles, such as ADHD and Dyslexia.