Graduation Highlights

Graduation Caps

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 and to the families of our graduating seniors. 

Family and friends gathered from around the world to celebrate Eagle Hill School's Class of 2023 graduation festivities! We thank our graduation speakers who shared their heartfelt memories and stories on achievement, resilience, and purpose with our seniors and guests.

Below are links to watch these inspiring speeches.


Commencement Address

Saturday—May 20, 2023

Commencement Address video

Mr. Jadihel Taveras, Head of School for Esperanza Academy, delivers the Commencement Address.

Ode to the Class of 2023

Saturday—May 20, 2023

Ode to the Class of 2023 video

Mr. Rick Macdonald, Director of Development, delivers the annual graduation favorite—Ode to the Class.

Senior Class Address

Saturday—May 20, 2023

Senior Class Address video

Marisa Gracias, class of 2023, delivers the Senior Class Address.

Our Commencement Speaker

It is our great honor to welcome Jadi Taveras to present this year’s commencement address.

As the Head of School for Esperanza Academy, Jadi has created a culture of academic achievement and joy for young girls of color, inspiring each student to embrace their brilliance while learning in a community of justice.

Esperanza’s vision of “high challenge, high support, high joy,” has changed the lives of so many girls and lifted the cultural and ethnic communities in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Under Jadi’s leadership, the school has reimagined what an urban education should be and has transformed Esperanza Academy into a model of academic excellence.

We are excited to welcome Jadi to campus to address the class of 2023!

For more information about Esperanza Academy, visit their website.

Jadi Taveras

Esperanza Academy
Head of School

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Class of 2023

Spencer A
Spencer A.

Rollins College

Liam A.

The College of New Jersey

Katharine A
Katharine A.

Plymouth State University

Ethan B
Ethan B.

Western Colorado University

Andrew B
Andrew B.

College of Charleston

Wyatt B
Wyatt B.

College of Charleston


Peter B
Peter B.

Gap year
Lynn University, Class of 2028

Lucia B
Lucia C.

James Madison University

Hampton C
Hampton C.

University of Mississippi

Maximillian C
Max C.

University of Denver

Spencer C
Spencer C.

McDaniel College

James C
Jamie C.

Curry College

Ashton C
Ashton C.

Electrician Apprenticeship

Sebastian D
Sebastian D.

Loyola University of New Orleans

Jacob F
Jacob F.

University of Chicago

Evan G
Evan G.

Roger Williams University

Olivia G.

Saint Michael's College

Marisa G.

Georgetown University

Madeline H
Madeline H.

High Point University

Madeline Ho
Maddie H.

SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology

Devon H
Devyn H. 

Rollins College

Salome J
Salo J.

Emmanuel College

Griffin J
Griffin J.

Endicott College

Sergei K
Sergei K.

Adelphi University

Davis K
Davis K.

University of Denver

Abigail K
Abby K.

Sacred Heart University

Max K
Max K.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

William K
Will K.

New England Institute of Technology

Andre L
Andre L.

Emerson College

Sierra L
Sierra L.-M.

DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology

Ryan L
Ryan L.

Gap Year

Owen L
Owen L.

American University

Matthew M
Matt M.

American University

Sam M
Sam M.

University of Hartford

Siena M
Siena M.

Marshall University

Collin M
Collin M.

Northeastern University

Declan M
Declan M.

Kenyon College

Edward M
Ned M.

University of New England

Caitlin M
Caitlin M.

Roger Williams University

Katherine M
Katherine M.

Dean College

Isabela M
Isa M.

High Point University

Jayson M
Jay Jay M.

Belmont Abbey College

Aimee N
Aimee N.

Landmark College

Gabrielle O
Gabrielle O.-V.

University of New Hampshire (Main Campus)

Schuyler P
Schuyler P.

Champlain College

Tuva P
Tuva P.

Gap year
Hofstra University, Class of 2028

Sarah R
Sarah R.

Ohio Wesleyan University

Gabriel R
Gabriel R.

Entering the work force

Isabella R
Bella R.

Westfield State University

Patrick R
Patrick R.

Florida Institute of Technology

Sean R
Sean R.

Florida Institute of Technology

Margot S
Margot S.

Westfield State University

Harrison S
Harrison S.

Dean College

Brooke S
Brooke S.

High Point University

Dylan T
Dylan T.

Lynn University

Daniel V
Daniel V.

University of Rhode Island

Grace W
Grace W.

Hofstra University

Kyle W
Kyle W.

Trinidad State College

Micaela W
Micaela W.

Nassau Community College

Mackenzie W
Mackenzie W.

University of South Carolina

Max Z
Max Z.

Ithaca College