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We understand that the decision to attend boarding school involves a major financial commitment. 

We believe, however, that the decision to attend Eagle Hill is one that will change the entire trajectory of a child’s life.



Eagle Hill School’s financial aid program is based solely on a family’s demonstrated need. We do not offer scholarships or grants based on merit or athletic ability. Eagle Hill has a limited financial aid program and sometimes is able to provide assistance to those parents/guardians who demonstrate clear financial need.

A family’s ability to afford Eagle Hill’s tuition, and their application for financial aid, does not influence admission committee decisions in any way. After the admission committee accepts an applicant to Eagle Hill, financial aid awards are made based on a family’s demonstrated need and the availability of funds. Unfortunately, applicants accepted for admission and qualifying for financial need far outnumber those we can afford to support. Therefore, we cannot guarantee funding to all applicants who qualify.

To help evaluate demonstrated need, Eagle Hill subscribes to the nationally standardized system for analysis offered by the School and Student Services (SSS) for financial aid, which is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Eagle Hill’s financial aid program is administered fairly and is consistently applied in accordance with the principles and practices of NAIS and the mission of Eagle Hill School. The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) must be completed by each family who intends to apply for financial aid. The PFS is available through SSS and will accept financial aid applications for the 2024-2025 school year after November 1st, 2023.

Eagle Hill does not discriminate in the administration of its financial aid on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender. All information relating to applications for financial aid will be held by Eagle Hill in the strictest of confidence and will not be released to any third party. Documentation from custodial, noncustodial, and stepparents will not be shared with other members of the student’s family.

“Sending our daughter to Eagle Hill School has been nothing short of miraculous! From day one, she was energized and excited about what she was learning and the new friends she was making. It was as though we discovered a whole new kid! Since then, every single day at school has exceeded our wildest expectations.”

James anD Joanna M.
parents of an Eagle Hill Student


The Financial Aid Application

Eagle Hill School utilizes School and Student Services (SSS) to process our financial aid applications. SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools. Please go to the online Family Guide to Financial Aid brochure for more information. To complete your financial aid application for the coming enrollment year, follow these steps.

Applying For Financial Aid Online

To apply, go to and complete the application by February 1, 2024.

  1. Click on the prompt to begin your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). Each parent household must complete one PFS.
  2. You will be given a username and password that will allow you to return to your PFS at a later date before submitting it. Your information will be secure.
  3. The Eagle Hill School code is 903328.

In addition to the PFS, we require that you upload the following documents to SSS to complete your financial aid application:

  • Signed federal tax return with all supporting schedules from the current year and the previous year
  • Current year W-2s from all working parents (or IRS Form 1099 or a Business/Farm Statement if self-employed) by February 1, 2024

Guaranteed Yearly?

Eagle Hill School requires that all applicants complete the full financial aid process each year that a student wishes to matriculate at the school. Awards are evaluated annually based on the most recent year’s financial information, as well as on the student’s continued academic effort and good citizenship at Eagle Hill. The committee will review and make adjustments appropriate to changes in financial resources and tuition increases. Families should expect to experience an increase in tuition each year; however, Eagle Hill will make every effort to keep the percentage of financial aid awarded consistent from year to year. Unfortunately, Eagle Hill cannot always guarantee meeting an increased need should a family’s financial situation change. 

Loan Programs

Your Tuition Solution, Inc.
2 Park Central Drive, Suite 100
Southborough, MA 01772

Tuition Income Tax Deduction

Payments made for the special education provided at Eagle Hill School may be deductible medical care expenses under the Internal Revenue Code. While ordinary education is not medical care, the cost of medical care may, under certain circumstances, include the cost of attending a special school for an individual with a disability if his or her condition is such that the resources of the institution for alleviating such disability are a principal reason for his or her presence there.

Whether tuition expenses for Eagle Hill will be deductible in a particular case will depend upon the facts and circumstances of each individual student’s situation. There are also percentage limitations applicable to otherwise deductible medical expenses, depending on the parent’s adjusted gross income. Therefore, before claiming a tax deduction for expenses relating to the special education of a student, we highly recommend that you consult with a tax lawyer or accountant about whether your payments to Eagle Hill may qualify for a medical expense tax deduction.

For more information about tuition, fees, or financial aid, please call Susan Cranford, Director of Enrollment and Director of Financial Aid, 413-477-6000 ext. 1213 or by email


Each family is required to maintain a separate student spending account for their child. The account covers such personal expenses as laundry and dry cleaning, weekly allowance, weekend activities, travel expenses, etc. The anticipated expenditure per boarding student for the academic year (10 months) is $4,500, and the average expenditure for day students is $1,000. This number could fluctuate higher or lower depending on the activities in which your child participates. The average summer account expenditure is $1,000.  

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Cranford, Director of Enrollment, by telephone at 413-477-6000 ext. 1213 or by email.

Tuition Rates

Academic year tuition rates have been established as follows.

Academic Year   2024–25
Boarding $91,165
Day  $65,472




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