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Congratulations on taking this important first step in transforming your child’s life, both educationally and personally.

Eagle Hill is truly a place where extraordinary things happen every day, for students and for their families. 

Eagle Hill School is a co-educational, college preparatory boarding school that provides an individualized education for students with diverse learning profiles, including those identified with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD.

What makes Eagle Hill School fundamentally different than other schools is our belief in learning diversity and our understanding that each student’s path to the future will be unique. As educators, our work is to understand each student’s constellation of talents, challenges, interests, hopes, and fears—and then together design school experiences that develop and showcase those talents, confront challenges, allay fears, pursue and expand interests, and realize those hopes and dreams.

Students find success in our classrooms. They try new things and discover passions. They make lifelong friendships—with classmates, teachers, coaches, and dorm counselors. 

Our goal in the Admission Office is to make the process fit the needs of your family, which is truly the hallmark of Eagle Hill. You can visit our admission webpages to learn more about the admission process but don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at  We can’t wait to talk with you!

“Dr. Riendeau saw me as much more than a student; he saw my potential before I could see it.”


Don’t take it from us—let the voices of our students and parents tell their stories.


"I often hear that parents hesitate and worry about sending their kids to Eagle Hill because it is a school for students who learn differently. Possibly they worry it will be easier than it should be, or that the curriculum will be “dumbed down” because we have been given labels like dyslexia or ADHD. But Eagle Hill is the opposite of that. Eagle Hill builds you up, not by making things easy but by teaching you to have the confidence you need to do the hard stuff. Eagle Hill allows you to have a say in the challenges you take upon yourself and to make the work as hard as you want it to be.

Sophia C., Class of 2022

"I wasn't looking for a school with a program for learning diversity. I was looking for a school where learning diversity is the whole program."

Suzie T., parent of a student, class 2024

“When I came to EHS all those years ago, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, but I can assure you it didn’t involve graduate school. From the support I got at EHS, I have not only been able to develop into a humble leader but someone who knows how to learn and how to succeed in a world despite having learning differences.”

HARRISON S., Class of 2020

"Eagle Hill put the spark back in our daughter and gave our family a feeling of hope and encouragement about the future that for a long time we thought we lost."

James M., parent of a student, class 2022

Meet the Admission Team

Our admission team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. They will work hand in hand with you as you learn more about all that Eagle Hill has to offer.

Mr. Dana Harbert

Director of Admission

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Mrs. Sue Cranford

Director of Enrollment & 
Director of Financial Aid

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Mrs. Kacie Breeds

Admission Associate

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