STEM and Makerspace

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STEM Building

Interdisciplinary and collaborative learning experiences.

Eagle Hill School’s PJM STEM Center provides our students with the spaces, instruction, and tools to guide them toward becoming twenty-first-century innovators. Students work individually and often collaborate with one another and with faculty on projects that involve a range of materials, including metal, stone, glass, plastic, and wood. 

Our maker community celebrates the new entrepreneurial spirit of the age, providing a vital foundation for our students to work in a nonlinear process, trying multiple strategies to arrive at plausible solutions to vexing problems—what contemporary designers and policymakers call “wicked problems.” Solutions reveal themselves to our students as they engage in iterative design-thinking activities: empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. Students also gain experiences making physical objects and software that provide human beings access to a more meaningful life. These maker experiences offer students opportunities to be creative in their personal, professional, and civic lives by learning new skills, taking on leadership roles, and augmenting their intellectual and social abilities, thereby becoming reflective problem solvers. 

PJM STEM Center Dedication

In honor of his visionary leadership at Eagle Hill School, the PJM STEM Center is dedicated to Dr. PJ McDonald, who served as Eagle Hill School’s head of school for nearly three decades. The PJM STEM Center is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to exploration, innovation, and academic excellence.

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Creating the Adjacent Possible

To understand the creativity and vision behind the design of the PJM STEM Center and academic complex, this blog post describes the idea of the adjacent possible.

Innovation and Technology


The makerspace at Eagle Hill is a space for creativity and exploration. Students can create using CAD software and 3D printers, as well as design and explore with a laser cutter, engraver, and a full complement of woodworking tools. The maker metal shop provides students the opportunity to explore welding and other means of metal fabrication.

Computer screen with versacart

Innovation and Entrepreneurism

Students have multiple avenues available to them to pursue their entrepreneurial interests and inclinations. Formally, they can take a product development class that covers design, legal, marketing, production, and distribution issues in the context of creating their own original products. 

classroom collaboration

Classroom Collaboration

The collaborations between the STEM/makerspace and our other academic departments is just one example of Eagle Hill’s dedication to a pedagogy that celebrates academic rigor, divergent thinking, and play.