Graduation Requirements

Graduation Day

A traditional college preparatory program of study.

A college preparatory program of study is offered at Eagle Hill School. Because Eagle Hill recognizes the importance of an individualized course of study that responds to each student’s particular needs, interests, and talents, we utilize flexible course scheduling based upon a unique nine-term academic calendar. Working with academic advisors, department chairs, parents, and college counselors, a student develops a course schedule each year as part of a four-year program of study. 

Students enroll in six classes, each meeting five days per week. One academic credit is awarded for each term completed in each course. Over the course of four years, a student enrolls in 216 credits (i.e., 6 classes x 9 terms x 4 years). Successful completion of 200 credits is required for graduation. Minimum distribution area requirements are outlined in the accompanying table, as are general guidelines for competitive college admission. 

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements Chart

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