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Learning differently demands teaching differently.

Visitors often ask about the Eagle Hill method with the expectation that they will hear about very specific, proprietary practices for teaching each traditional school subject. And of course, teachers at Eagle Hill have available in their repertoire many, many of the “methods” to which this question refers. None of these, however, hints at the real genius of Eagle Hill School, which is about a simple but fundamental and profound insight about the inevitability of human diversity.

The remarkable success of students at Eagle Hill School follows from a deep commitment to the idea that difference is the norm—that each human being is better understood as unique than as an example of some type, much less a case of some disability. Every philosophical position and every curricular decision follows from this orientation to individuals. 

Adhocracy over bureaucracy.

Adhocracy: A problem-solving organizational model premised on innovation and attentive to the changing needs of individuals.


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We believe in finding our students’ strengths and teaching to them.

Academic Highlights

Reading Approach

The hallmark of the reading approach at Eagle Hill is our ability to understand each student’s learning profile and to completely customize each student’s program.

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STEM and Makerspace

Our state-of-the-art PJM STEM Center provides students a vibrant and collaborative environment and dedicated spaces for innovation and entrepreneurialism.

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Speech and Language

Instruction by a speech language pathologist takes place in individual sessions during the academic day.


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IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme immerses students in a comprehensive two-year personal growth journey and lays the foundation for a robust and enduring intellectual life.

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