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Ultimate Tournament award
Eagle hill School

Another championship for Eagle Hill School!  

The No Horns take home the 2022 SENE Ultimate Championship. 

The Ultimate varsity team won the 2022 SENE Ultimate Tournament, beating out three other rival schools. This is the school’s first ultimate championship win and this victory adds another milestone banner to the rafters in the Baglio Sports and Fitness Center.  

Eagle Hill hosted the inaugural Southeastern New England Independent Schools Athletics Association (SENE) 2022 Ultimate Tournament at Pioneer field on May 4. Four New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) teams in the SENE league participated, Dublin School (Dublin, NH), CATS Academy (Braintree, MA), The MacDuffie School (Granby, MA), and Eagle Hill School (Hardwick, MA).

“It was a wonderful day to host the first SENE ultimate tournament, and it was especially nice that Eagle Hill won the championship,” said Athletic Director Cindy Coughlin.

Ultimate, originally known as Ultimate Frisbee, is a non-contact sport that is self-officiated and where character, community, and competition are the true spirit of the game. In recognition of the game’s principles, a special tournament Spirit Award was presented at the end of the games.  

The Spirit Award encourages highly competitive play, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed-upon rules, or the basic joy of play. This year’s Spirit Award was given to CATS Academy for their honorable and competitive play.

In addition, Ryan F. ’22 was named SENE Varsity Ultimate "Player of the Year". Ryan is an outstanding player on defense and his speed on the offense is a threat to opponents. He demonstrates the Spirit of the Game with his calm cool demeanor and respect on the field for other players. 

During this one-day invitational, each team played three games. The first team to reach 11 points was declared the winner.  

The first game for Eagle Hill was against the friendly rival The MacDuffie School. Eagle Hill’s No Horns (the team’s name) had beaten MacDuffie earlier in the season, but the wind was blowing hard that day and it was a challenge to accurately assess their skills. The same was the case in the previous game against Dublin—a victory, but the weather limited strategy and skill. CATS from Boston was the third school competing at the tournament with large players with quality throws. It was uncertain how the No Horns team would perform against these rival teams.

“Fortunately, our zone defense was effective all day and reduced our opponent’s opportunities to complete many long passes,” said coach Jed Geary. 

“Our offense has steadily improved this season as the players grasp the zone and man-to-man offensive strategies. Players are throwing and catching better, making intelligent cuts to open spaces, and understanding their roles,” continued Geary.

A future banner raising ceremony is in the planning stages to celebrate this historic championship win for the No Horns Ultimate team.

“Our defense, our numbers, and our speed helped to bring us a victory, the SENE Championship, and a banner!” Geary exclaimed.

Head Coach – Jed Geary, Director of College Counseling
Assistant Coach – Cody Bliss, English teacher
Team Manager - Dylan T. ’23


Harrison B. ’25
James B. ’25
Josh B. ’24
Jacob F. ’23
Ryan F. ’22 - Team Captain,  SENE "Player of the Year" and "All-League Player"
Evan G. ’23 - SENE "All-League Player"
Liam H. ’24
Diamond J. ’22
Jacob J. ’22
Sam J. ’24 - SENE "All-League Player"
Xavier K. ’26
Sierra L. ’23
Chris M. ’24
Jayson M. ’23 - SENE "All-League Player"
Sean R. ’22
Sarah R. ’23
Jordy S. ’24
Mikey T. ’26
Bennet W. ’25 - SENE Honorable Mention "All-League Player"
Max Z. ’23

Team photo

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