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Eagle Hill School launches a new Community Writing initiative.

Eagle Hill School (EHS) celebrated the spirit of creativity and the written word at a special event held on October 25 called “Writing Spooky Stories.” This event marked the launch of an exciting new Community Writing initiative and the spirit of creativity, the written word, and emphasizing the significance of writing in our lives.

In the coming weeks, there will be activities for students, faculty, and, eventually, the outside community. Students will engage in writing opportunities that celebrate authors, investigate genres, introduce mediums and modes of communication, and focus on the humanities and STEM.

In addition, there will be activities for teachers that focus on writing across the curriculum. Topics will include discussion on the writing process, artificial intelligence, transfer of writing knowledge and skills, ESL learning, codeswitching, and technologies for reading and writing courses, to name only a few.

Outside of Eagle Hill, there will be community activities where teachers can receive pedagogical support, and students can engage without the constraints of adhering to common core standards, which can sometimes stifle creativity and their unique voices.

Be on the lookout for a Community Writing newsletter in the near future!


Here is a sneak peek of upcoming classroom events:

November 4: A Celebration of Neil Gaiman with students writing their own myths

November 13: A faculty conversation on AI

December 9: A Celebration of Fredrick Douglas’ publication of The North Star (1847). Students will create their own newsletter



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