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Students Organize Closing the Door to Cancer Walk

Yellow Door Foundation receives $1,073 from Eagle Hill School fundraiser.

For the past month, Eagle Hill School students Charlotte M. ’22 and Caroline O. ’22 worked tirelessly to organize an on-campus event raising awareness and support for the Yellow Door Foundation. Yellow Door provides free, long-term “sanctuary” lodging for families of pediatric patients undergoing cancer and transplant treatment at UVA Children’s Hospital.

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Several students and faculty members chose to walk into the night as a symbolic gesture of standing with those fighting through their darkest hour. Despite inclement weather, the group’s spirit was not broken, as they walked a collective 113,521 steps to support children battling cancer and their families.  

“We were excited to organize a fun event at Eagle Hill this year. I think doing an event like this is the best way to help raise awareness for those who deal with cancer while making it an enjoyable activity that everyone can participate in, even during COVID-19,” said Charlotte M. ’22.

Students helped fundraise money for this event by selling treats at lunchtime each day and promoting their cause to the greater Eagle Hill School community for support.

The Close the Door on Cancer Walk raised $1,073, providing eighteen FREE room nights in a two-bedroom apartment for the families of kids fighting cancer.  The EHS team surpassed their initial goal of $1,000!

Friends and families can support their efforts by visiting the Yellow Door Foundation website: Donate 

Donations can be designated toward the fundraising goal of a specific organization - Eagle Hill School.

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