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Student Spotlight: Nia M. ‘22

From summer student to boarding student, and summer intern, learn about Nia’s journey to wearing many hats at Eagle Hill School and the tremendous impact she has made on our community as a student and a leader.

For rising senior Nia M. ’22, Eagle Hill School has been one of her “homes” for the better part of the last four years. Nia started as a summer session student in 2017, transitioned to a full-time boarding student, and became a summer session intern this past summer. In experiencing this unique path inside the Eagle Hill community, Nia has seen support from faculty and staff every step of the way.

“Since I’ve been at Eagle Hill, my education experience has been amazing. I have great support from my teachers and mentors. I love that I can always ask a teacher for help, and they will take the time to explain it in different ways for me to understand,” said Nia.

“We are like a family at Eagle Hill. I love that the faculty truly cares and wants the best for you. So many of our faculty members will go out of their way to make sure you are doing well. Having a sense of family is great when you are around many of the same people every day at school.”
For Nia, this sense of family began immediately upon her arrival as a new summer student in 2017.

“I heard about Eagle Hill School through my previous school, and they recommended me for the summer program. Right away, I knew I wanted to come here. The campus was so beautiful, and I knew it was a place I could learn and be a part of,” said Nia.

“The summer program exposed me to so many different opportunities to try new things. I got the chance to meet new people from all over the country, introducing me to some people that I am still friends with today.”

Nia has grown as a student and as a role model within the Eagle Hill community. Demonstrating her maturity, organization, and overall leadership skills throughout the last few school years, Nia applied and was interviewed by Assistant Head of School for Student Life, Mrs. Kristyl Kelly, to be an intern for the summer program.

“As a summer intern, I help in all the aspects of the summer program that I twice attended as a student. I assist teachers in the classroom during the school day, and after school. I help run activities and clubs. I also plan dorm floor activities and work with the Leaders-in-Training on various projects.”

“My favorite part of being an intern is helping children in their activities and helping them improve skills and grow their interests,” said Nia.

“Walking from the WHIKS one day, on our way to organize something, Nia shared that her name means purpose, which is the perfect way to describe her. Whether her purpose is including other people around her, making sure everyone signs up for activities, making someone laugh, or helping someone else’s voice be heard, Nia is always about purpose. Everything she does, has a purpose,” commented Mrs. Kelly, assistant head of school for student life. 

When asked what she would tell a student who is considering attending Eagle Hill either in the summer or as a full-time boarding student, Nia is able to share her unique perspective based on experience.

“Come in with an open mind and enjoy yourself. As a summer student, boarding student, and now a summer intern, Eagle Hill has always been a place filled with opportunities for other students and me. There are so many things to explore here that anyone can find their passion and, most importantly, have fun!”

Upon graduating from Eagle Hill next May, Nia plans to attend a four-year university to become a nurse. She will undoubtedly thrive, both as a leader and someone who is so focused on helping and caring for others.


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