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Student’s Passions on Display as New Clubs Emerge
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Students' Passions on Display as New Clubs Emerge

With the COVID-19 pandemic altering typical campus programming at schools across the country, students at Eagle Hill have taken it upon themselves to create fun clubs that they are passionate about.

“We have seen a huge uptick in student-created and -run clubs here on campus this school year. One of the best parts of seeing these groups come together is that they are created by the students, giving them the responsibility to work with a faculty member, organize the program each week, and put their effort behind it. It’s inspiring to see,” said Kristyl Kelly, Assistant Head of School for Student Life.

Many of these clubs have allowed students to try an activity or sport that they might be interested in and connect with the other students, possibly not from their dorm floor, who have shared interests.

“We are very open to when students have ideas of activities that they are interested in since there is a good possibility that there are several other students with that same interest! Once they bring that idea to us at Student Life, we go through the process of finding a good fit in a faculty member, promoting it to other students on campus, and identifying any resources the student might need to make the club a success,” said Kelly.

The notable new clubs on campus this year created by students are girl’s lacrosse, softball, e-sports, co-ed volleyball, and dog walking, in addition to a planned Relay for Life event in May.

These clubs have enjoyed good attendance from the Eagle Hill student body with consistent meetings each week.

For Bridget W. ‛24 and Olivia G. ‛23, starting the girls lacrosse club was born out of their passion for the sport.

“I wanted to start the club because for the past eight years of my life lacrosse has been one of the biggest things in my life. It has helped me through some of the hardest times and has made me overall a better person. So far, the club is going well, we have been up on the turf field twice a week, and more girls are showing up each week,” said Bridget W. ‘24

Olivia G. ’23 added, “Girls lacrosse is a very different sport than boys lacrosse. Between the rules, equipment, and overall style of the game, we thought it would be in the interest of girls on campus to have the opportunity to play the girls game.”

Dane H. ‛21 and Teya T. ‛21 began their dog walking club to help both students and the faculty of Eagle Hill.

“We’re excited to start the dog walking club since there are so many students that love dogs here, and with so many of our faculty owning dogs on campus, they now can sign up their dog to be walked by students!”

For Eagle Hill sophomore Schuyler P. ‛23, starting the e-sports club was something that he thought would interest a big group of students.

“I wanted to start the club because I knew there were people on campus who might want to play video games competitively and some who may not be interested in a physical sport during a specific season. With good attendance, we hope to be able to start competing this fall at a higher level, or even against other schools.”

EHS juniors Charlotte M.‛22 and Caroline O.‛22 are getting other students involved by organizing an event for a special cause.

“I am excited to organize a fun Relay for Life event at Eagle Hill this year. I think doing an event like this is the best way to help raise awareness for those who deal with cancer while making it an enjoyable activity that everyone can participate in, even during COVID-19,” said Charlotte.

The proactive spirit of Eagle Hill students continues to shine bright!

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