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Cup of Coffee Series #3 featuring Terry Hutchinson

On Wednesday, October 6th, world champion sailor and current Eagle Hill School parent Terry Hutchinson led a captivating discussion for the 3rd edition of the Cup of Coffee Series. Following the first two editions by former Navy SEAL James Marvin and Shark Tank Entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, Hutchinson was joined by over 50 participants, including several large groups from yacht and sailing clubs along the east coast. 

Terry Hutchinson is one of the most admired and respected sailors in the yacht racing circuit and most recently the skipper, executive director, and tactician for the New York Yacht Club American Magic campaign for the 36th America’s Cup.

Hutchinson’s reputation as an outstanding sailor and teammate began with his college sailing career at Old Dominion University. At Old Dominion, he helped lead the team to four national championships and continued through sixteen World Championship wins, and six America’s Cup campaigns. Hutchinson was also named the Rolex Yachtsman of the year, twice, which is a testament to the respect and admiration the sailing community has for him.

With topics ranging from team building, managing dynamic personalities, technical sailing strategies, and advice on following your passions in life, Hutchinson enthusiastically shared his experiences and perspectives with the lively group.

We thank Terry for his time and commitment to the Eagle Hill community!


To watch the entire recording of the event, visit here.

To watch some of the event’s highlights, enjoy the shortened clips below:

Background in Sailing

Sharing Favorite Memories

Famous Wikipedia Saying

Creation of American Magic Team and America's Cup

Advice to Students on Following their Passion

Best Way to Build a Team

Question About Managing Personalities

Question About Teams and Opponents

Final Piece of Advice - Heart is Greater than Skill

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